Sohar Aluminium will be sending four of its employees to Mt Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa in July 2010 as part of the company’s continuous effort to develop its local workforce in leadership skills and teamwork.  Partnering with Outward Bound Oman / Tahaddi, Sohar Aluminium’s four employees - Hamad Al Shidani, Saeed Al Farsi, Hilal Al Shibli and Salim Al Sudairi will form part of the Oman team who will attempt to scale the 19,310 feet above sea level mountain.


“Sohar Aluminium is proud to be sending four of its employees to Kilimanjaro to undertake this challenging task.  We regard the development of our young Omani workforce as an essential component of our business, especially in leadership development.  Through this experience, we believe these individuals can be inspired to effect change, not only in their personal lives but also at work” commented Bruce Hall, Chief Executive Officer of Sohar Aluminium.

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