At an event hosted by at Al Bustan Palace Hotel, on 12th December, 2010, Sohar aluminium was the recipient of His Majesty’s Cup for the Top Five Factories in Oman.

The event attended by Ministers, undersecretaries, director-generals, leading industrialists and businessmen, His majesty’s Cup is regarded as the most prestigious award presented to companies in Oman.

This award is testament that Sohar Aluminium has met the criteria in which the Sultanate has shown great concern towards the industry sector.  The award assumes special significance for it bears His Majesty’s the Sultan’s name.  It aims at encouraging the industrial sector to exert effort to improve production and quality and provide more job opportunities for Omanis.    

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Mr Mulham AlJarf, Board Member for Sohar Aluminium receives the award on behalf of Sohar Aluminium.