SA held its Family Fun Day in Sohar Entertainment Centre. This year the Family day was oriented through Safety, where 3,000 of SA staff and their families were asked when they first entered the venue, to make three commitments with their family: Always keep their hands & fingers safe, Always stay hydrated and Always drive safely. As a keepsake, a professional photo of each family was taken at the event with the SA Safety Mascot to remind them of the safety commitment they made. Moreover, a medical center at the venue provided free Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure tests for everyone.


To support the local SMEs, Sohar Aluminium dedicated an area for various Omani craftsmen from Al Batinah and all over Oman where they promoted the traditional Omani crafts, from silversmith, halwa makers, basket weavers, wood carvings, carpet weaving to fabric weaving.


And for the Star Effect! Sohar Aluminium invited The Suwaiq Football Team who won His Majesty’s Cup in 2013, to display their trophies at the venue and interact with the attendees.


Expressing his appreciation for the event, Hamad Al Jabri, Reduction Services Superintendent said “The Family Fun Day is a very important event that gives the opportunity for the families of SA employees to interact with one another. This annual event reflects the concern that SA has towards the wellbeing of its employees and it encourages team building and cohesion amongst employees from various departments.”


Time is a very precious commodity, and that is what Family day is giving to parents and kids and family members of all ages:  more time to spend together.  As everyone's lives get busier, Family Day is an opportunity to show our loved ones just how much we appreciate them and how much Sohar Aluminium appreciates our Families.



National and international entertainment options were also offered throughout the day for the whole family including grownups, youth and toddlers with lots of games, raffle draws and prizes.