Continuing its efforts to engage with the community across all spheres, Sohar Aluminium (SA) celebrated Father’s Day by hosting an evening full of fun and learning “Let’s have Fun with Sohar Aluminium” by the end of June 2015.

Kids aged from 3 years and above had the opportunity to take part in an attractive array of fun events and to celebrate Father’s Day. The event took place from 8 pm to 11.30 pm according to Ramadan timing and was attended by around 500 visitors.



These family oriented events continue SA’s series of Key Stakeholder Engagement Events launched in high footfall locations since 2014 to give a personal face to the industry and constitute an excellent platform to share the company values. Some of the earlier themes include “Road Safety” and “Anti-littering” with members of the surrounding community.



Let’s have Fun with Sohar Aluminium is a novel  experience for young ones that raises awareness on various topics that Sohar Aluminium believes in such as safety matters and environment protection in an exciting and jolly atmosphere.



Through such events, SA aims to maintain its close ties with the surrounding communities and maximise its positive impact in community services. They also aim to raise awareness among the community by sharing their values on various environmental, health and safety issues.