Sohar, August 2015 – Sohar Aluminium (SA) has been busy this summer, successfully raising awareness across the Sultanate on the various dangers associated with Heat Stress and the measures that can be taken to best prevent this very avoidable danger. Since the hot months began in April up until this date, SA has launched a series of internal and external activities around Heat Stress Prevention and Management, reaching out to thousands of people across the Sultanate.


Safety Comes First



Ever since SA was established, the company has worked tirelessly towards safeguarding its employees and contractors from any potential health and safety risk. Realizing the dangers high temperatures pose, the company introduced an Annual Heat Stress Management Campaign in 2012 to raise awareness amongst its workforce about the dangers of heat stress and the best practices to adhere to during the summer period. In its third consecutive year, the company continued its Annual Heat Stress Campaign amongst its employees and contractors through hosting awareness sessions and ongoing Physiological Monitoring by SA’s Medical Team.




The campaign is usually launched through an innovative Meet & Greet activity, where SA’s management greet all the employees and contractors coming and leaving the site, offering them water, fruit and pamphlets to remind them to stay hydrated. The activity was held at the Smelter, the Port and the Power Plant to ensure every individual working at SA is included.






Stay Hydrated…Quench your Thirst



In efforts to combat Heat Stress and promote a healthy, safe and engaging work environment, SA introduced a “Quench Squad” as part of its Annual Heat Stress Campaign in August. The “Quench Squad” is a bus that carries volunteers and goes around the company’s various departments and facilities to remind and encourage their colleagues to stay hydrated and eat a balanced diet. 




Sharing the Knowledge with other Corporates in Oman and GCC



In April this year, SA organized the Sultanate’s first ever Heat Stress Management Symposium in Wilayat Sohar. The Symposium gave delegates the opportunity to discuss various Heat Stress Prevention, Mitigation, Monitoring and Management best practices. The symposium was attended by Occupational Health experts, Members of the Gulf Aluminium Council Health Committee representing the medical teams from GCC Aluminium smelters, representatives from the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Manpower as well as the Public Authority for Social Insurance (PASI).




Start Educating the Children



Last month, SA reached out to 50,000 children country-wide by distributing an activity book for kids on Heat Stress with a local newspaper. The book aimed to raise awareness amongst young people in a fun and engaging way. The activity stems from SA’s deep belief that educating young children will support future generations to stay safe and healthy.




Heat Stress; learn about it, to avoid it



Heat Stress occurs when a person’s body is unable to cope with heat caused by hot weather, humidity or certain jobs and activities. Our bodies normally cope with heat by sweating, but sometimes, sweating is not enough to regulate our body temperatures. The dangers associated with Heat Stress could pose serious occupational illnesses and injuries including Heat Strokes, Heat Exhaustion, Heat Cramps and Heat Rashes amongst others. The best way to combat Heat Stress is to manage it and prevent it through drinking sufficient water during the day, eating balanced meals, exercising regularly and getting proper sleep.