In emphasis of its commitment to empowering and promoting women in the workplace and as a gesture of recognition of their role and hard work, Sohar Aluminium (SA) recently held an event celebrating the Omani Woman’s Day in Majan Hall in Sohar. The event was attended by our female employees and contractors.
The event began with a welcome speech by Maisa Al Jahwari who explained the significance of this occasion for Omani women and their role in the social and economic development of the Sultanate. This was followed by an activity conducted by Mrs. Aziza Rashid Al Balushi, a Researcher at the Ministry of Education, in which she engaged the attendees in an inspirational group talks and team building activities. She also involved the audience in a cultural competition about famous women who became leaders and role models to all women around the world.
After that, Ms. Rihab Harib Al Saadi, a poetess, recited two poems that she had specially penned for the event and focused on the wise leadership of His Majesty, who continuously stresses the importance of Omani women and their role in the development of the Sultanate.
Also, a video made by SA’s female employees, was played showcasing the role of women in our company. The video included part of His Majesty’s speech encouraging women to take part in the development of Oman.

“We are proud to have organized this event to reaffirm our dedication to empower women in the workplace,” said Dana Geadah, SA Communications Manager. She added “what makes this event even more special is the great participation of all our female employees in the organization, which made it successful and we felt the team work and the spirit of solidarity. Our female employees should be very proud of what they have presented and what they give for this beloved country”.

Muna AL Nofli, Supervisor at SA who was attending the event expressed her appreciation to SA for organizing the event and her pride of being an employee in the company. She said “It gives me great pride to be part of this organisation which¬ has a positive approach to women’s employment and career progression where our contribution is recognized.”

Sohar Aluminium was formed in September 2004 to undertake a landmark Greenfield aluminium smelter project in the Sultanate of Oman and is jointly owned by Oman Oil Company, Abu Dhabi National Energy Company PJSC - TAQA and Rio Tinto.