The Life Cycle Assessment of Aluminium products at Sohar Aluminium Co. LLC has been conducted and is available for interested customers and stakeholders upon request. Please send an email to

The scope of this study is cradle to grave, meaning it includes all life cycle stages, from the extraction of the ores to their beneficiation, refining and final casting. Primary data from 2023 was collected from Sohar Aluminium. Primary data was also collected for upstream manufacturing processes which were anticipated to have a considerable contribution. Secondary data was sourced primarily from Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) databases (in order: ecoinvent v3.9.1) and the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) method where appropriate.

For the comparison of the potential environmental impact of the ingots, the unit of analysis (i.e. the functional unit) was 1 ton of each product. For the calculation of the carbon footprint, a functional unit of 1 ton of product since t CO2eq./ T is a common unit for the carbon footprint of this product. The main impact category assessed in this study is global warming potential (i.e. the carbon footprint).