Sohar Aluminium (SA) in collaboration with Salalah Methanol Company (SMC) and Oman India Fertilizer Company (OMIFCO) announced the beginning of the construction of the 7802 m Prosthetic and Orthotic Services Centre at Khoula Hospital. The organizations are coming together as part of their corporate social responsibility efforts in building the OMR 155,000 centre. Once completed, the new facility will utilize the industry’s latest medical technology and serve more than 7,000 patients annually.


The CEOs of SA, SMC and OMIFCO aspire that this collaborative project between the public and private sectors will contribute to Khoula Hospital’s endeavours of providing best quality medical services to its patients and the patients from different parts of Oman who will have access to the medical care they need and deserve. This project, with its advanced medical technology, demonstrates the three companies’ commitment to do their part and contribute to maximizing the positive impact on community service.


Scheduled to be completed in the first quarter of 2020, this state-of-the-art centre will enable Khoula Hospital to expand its services by giving additional space for clinics, staff and modifications workshops. With both prosthetics and orthotics services available on site, patients will be able to have their artificial limbs and devices designed, manufactured and fitted in one place. The new centre will have more examination rooms, training rooms, and designated fitting areas for males and females, providing patients with treatment in a more comfortable environment. 


Dr Ali bin Muhad Al Ma’ashani, Director General of Khoula Hospital said, “The collaboration between Sohar Aluminium, OMIFCO, and SMC to fund the construction of this new centre, goes to show how when we come together, we can make a change. Not only will this project better help us serve the people coming to Khoula Hospital for treatment, but it will extend to helping all those throughout Oman in need of prosthetics by using the latest technology”.


Located next to the orthopaedic clinic, once completed the centre will make it easier and more accessible for patients. It will also include the latest technology and conventional techniques available, providing both prosthetic and orthotic patients options regarding their treatment.