More than 190 local companies and small-medium enterprises (SMEs) attended Sohar Aluminium’s ‘Vendor Symposium’ 2018 in Suhar and Muscat. In line with the company’s strategy to boost its In-Country Value (ICV) contributions, the two-day event outlined upcoming projects and business opportunities for 2018, and raised awareness about Sohar Aluminium’s tendering procedures and environment, health, and safety requirements.


Commenting on the Vendor Symposium, Jerry Van Alphen, Sohar Aluminium’s Chief Financial Officer, said: “We are very pleased with the tremendous interest our 2018 symposium generated. The discussions and workshops provided us with great insight into what is available in the market and also allowed us to share ideas and best practices on how together we can enhance the capacity and capabilities of the local supply chain.”


The Symposium was designed to engage local businesses across Oman to learn about Sohar Aluminium’s procurement process and the wide variety of partnership opportunities available. These include supply of machinery spare parts and tools, safety consumables, general hardware items, electrical parts, manpower, consultancy requirements, and hiring of vehicles to name but a few. 


Speaking at the symposium, Hussein Al-Habsi, Managing Director of Sohar Technical Services & Trading, one of Sohar Aluminium’s suppliers said: “Sohar Aluminium promoted Sohar Technical Services & Trading to be a Specialized Periodic Maintenance Contract Service Provider in the Market.”  Also, Khalid Matar, Managing Director of Nusail Trading & Contracting addressed the attendees and said: “We are glad to have support from Sohar Aluminium over a decade, forging strong business relationship to flourish and excel.”


Sohar Aluminium will be floating a number of tenders over the next few years in materials and service contracts. Priority will be given to local service providers and SMEs if they meet technical and commercial requirements and criteria. The company also offered to support local SMEs through its Sohar Aluminium Volunteering Programme where employees can share their technical skills and knowledge to help SMEs adopt best practices in Environment Health Safety, financial feasibility, business planning and many other aspects.


Local economic and social development are central aspects of the Sohar Aluminium’s Business Strategy. The Company invests substantially in improving the local and national economy. The company has effectively supported the creation of numerous local SME’s through initial contracts. These companies have become sustainable businesses in their own right, adding value to the local economy and bringing welfare to the Al Batinah region. It attempts in its procurement processes to always maximize the In-Country Value (ICV) of all possible expenditures.