Sohar Aluminium, the host and organizers of the 2017 Arab International Aluminium Conference (ARABAL), is offering the event’s delegates an opportunity to discover ‘Destination Oman’. In preparation for the industry event, Sohar Aluminium has developed a range of tailored tours, workshops and activities designed to introduce visitors to a destination that is rapidly climbing the ranks in touristic appeal globally.

Set to take place each day of the ARABAL conference, the comprehensive range of tours organized by Sohar Aluminium will depart from the Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah to UNESCO World Heritage Sites, national monuments, and the pristine coasts of Oman. The conference delegate spouses are welcome to join the Dolphin Watching & City Tour on November 7th, the Mystical Muscat Tour on November 8th, and Al Jabal Al Akhdar Tour on November 9th to experience a full complement of the Sultanate’s best attractions. 

Engineer Said Al Masoudi, CEO of Sohar Aluminium, said, “The comprehensive program we are offering to our visitors will shed light on Oman’s world-class touristic destinations with highest standards of hospitality.  With the full support of the Ministry of Tourism, we are ready to deliver a memorable welcome to Oman that will ensure our guests have an experience to remember”.

A series of traditional handicraft workshops will also be held at the Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort and Spa to highlight how some of the nation’s handicraft traditions continue to thrive in the governorates across Oman. Organized by artistic centre Sohart House, visitors to the resort will have a chance to experience traditional Omani handicrafts, centuries-old palm weaving techniques, and an Arabic Calligraphy showcase by some of Oman’s renowned artists. Delegates will also have an opportunity to enjoy a number of activities within Muscat itself, including performances at the Royal Opera House.

On November 7th, conference attendees will be treated to a cultural dinner featuring authentic Omani cuisine and a performance by international jazz sensation Toufic Farroukh. ARABAL 2017 will conclude on November 9th with a site tour of Sohar Aluminium’s plant in the Wilayat of Suhar. The delegates will be transported via a chartered flight from Muscat airport to the newly opened Suhar airport offering them an opportunity to experience one of the Sultanate’s fastest growing cities.

Sohar Aluminium thanks the Ministry of Tourism and Oman Convention Bureau for their valuable contribution to the success of ARABAL 2017.

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