Sohar Aluminium (SA) launched a bilingual Technical Dictionary which can be accessed by all its Employees. This specialized dictionary includes a list of around 650 technical terms used in the various areas of an aluminium smelter with bilingual definitions. It is organised alphabetically and contains clear and concise descriptions for the industry’s main operational areas, equipment, raw material, products among others.


This project which was led by the Communications Department started in April 2016 and entailed the valuable input and active involvement of the Company’s various Departments. Assigned Champions coordinated with Employees across the Company to compile comprehensive lists of technical terms used in their respective areas. The terminologies were chosen by the Operations teams themselves. Subsequent meetings were then held with Operators, Supervisors, Technicians, and Specialists to review the definitions and ensure accuracy and proficiency. The team also made sure that the content and the language used is simple and friendly so that non-technical people working in the Company can easily relate to it.


The Executive Committee headed by the Chief Executive Officer, Eng. Said Al Masoudi thanked everyone for this great success: “Our sincere appreciation goes to the team for the time and effort dedicated to this project. This is a major milestone for Sohar Aluminium and a genuine example of how our Company is contributing in genuine ways to the development of our people and the sustainability our Company.” Said continued: “The Technical Dictionary will induce more alignment between the teams in different departments breaching the gap between technical and non-technical people so that they can easily communicate.”


Sohar Aluminium Communications Manager Mrs. Dana Geadah, said: “The Technical Dictionary is now available on our internal portal as a live document which can be continuously updated. Employees can easily access it and they are encouraged to share their comments to continuously improve and increase the content.”



Sohar Aluminium was formed in September 2004 to undertake a landmark Greenfield aluminium smelter project in the Sultanate of Oman. It is jointly owned by Oman Oil Company, Abu Dhabi National Energy Company PJSC - TAQA and Rio Tinto.