On 13 January 2010, a team of volunteers from Sohar Aluminium cleaned the Harmul beach in the Wilayat of Liwa. The beach is located adjacent to the Sohar Industrial Port and the clean up project was undertaken in partnership with the Wali of Liwa’s office and several local schools. The cleaning of the beach is of huge environmental and aesthetic benefit to the local community and also helped to safeguard the marine environment.

The clean up was undertaken in the spirit of the Sultanate of Oman’s environment day on the 8 January 2010. By engaging local school students in the clean up project Sohar Aluminium helped to demonstrate first hand the importance of protecting the sultanates precious and unique environment. This is a very good example of positive cooperation between the industries and the citizens of the region. In total 1000 rubbish bags were filled and over 12 tons of rubbish were collected.


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