Paraguayan Ministers along with the key executives of their ministry paid a private visit to Sohar Aluminium on 20 February 2011 for an overview of the company’s world-class facility which utilises the latest AP smelter technology worldwide.  The Paraguayan government is considering starting up a smelter in Paraguay using the same technology as Sohar Aluminium.  During their visit, they also met with OAPIL (aluminium downstream company), representatives from the Sohar Port Company, the Sohar Industrial Estate, Sohar Refinery and the Walis of Liwa and Sohar during their visit. 

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Niall O’Byrne of Sohar Aluminium together with Francisco Rivas (Minister of Industry and Commerce), Dionisio Borda (Minister of Economy), Efrain Alegre (Minister of Infrastructure and Communications),  Diego Zavala (Executive Secretary of Inter institutional Working Group), Fernando Masi (Senior Advisor for Ministry of Industry and Commerce), Patrick Tobin (RTA Business Development Director), Juan Pazos Romero (RTA Business Development Director) and Hassan Khalil- Republic of Paraguay.