Sohar Aluminium, in association with the Ministry of Social Development, organised a donation campaign among its employees from July 18 to August 1. To promote charity and social work, the company employees donated funds for the needy families with the view to involving these families in charity works. 

In addition to the employee donations, Sohar Aluminium Management will double the amount raised from the employees.  The employees showed their goodwill gesture by donating money in the boxes, which were placed at the entrances of the company. This was done to keep the privacy of donors, the company said.

The money collected through the internal charity programme of the company will be distributed among the needy families in the wilayats of Shinas, Saham and Khabourah as these wilayats were not included in the Ramadan charity campaign organised by Sohar Aluminum, Oman Oil Refineries and Petroleum Industries (Orpic) and Vale Oman company in the wilayats of Sohar and Liwa.

 “The internal charity campaign was a great success due to the participation of the employees and significant contributions,” said the Corporate Social Responsibility Team. “Through this donation campaign, the company aims at involving its employees in social causes. Besides, the company started this campaign as it believes in the importance of concerted efforts in promoting social causes and as it was aware of the employees' desire to promote charity campaigns.”