As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Sohar Aluminum launched a Road Traffic Awareness video during a ceremony held under the auspices of H.E. Sheikh Saif Bin Hemiar Al Malik Al-Shuhi, Wali of Sohar. This video aims to create awareness of Road Accidents in the Sultanate especially to the young people. Sohar Aluminum took up this subject as Road Accidents have become a major concern in Oman due to the rise in car accident related deaths in the past months.

H.E. Sheikh Saif Bin Hemiar Al Malik Al-Shuhi praised initiative by SA. “We thank Sohar Aluminium for taking this initiative a step further. As Road Accidents are on the rise not only in Sohar but especially in the whole of Muscat, it is the right time to join all efforts of the government and the private sector to help curb this problem. Setting precise strategies to promote road traffic safety and increasing traffic awareness within the community are the need of the hour.”

Dr. Hilal Bin Abdullah Al Hinai, Human Resources and Corporate Affairs General Manager at Sohar Aluminium said: “The campaign is part of our responsibility towards the community. Sohar Aluminum believes in safety in and out of the company premises and we would like to share this with other people as well. We also believe that we can make help minimize the burdens brought about by Road Accidents by raising the awareness of citizens.” 

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