On 27April 2013, Sohar Aluminium invited five highly regarded figures of North Al Batinah for an on-site visit to the smelter, meet the workers and experience their working conditions.

H.E. Muhana bin Saif Al Lamki, Governor of North Al Batinah, Walis and other government officials gladly accepted the invitation of Mr. Said Al Masoudi, Acting CEO of Sohar Aluminium and spent around 3 hours visiting the site and meeting Sohar Aluminium workers who greatly appreciated this initiative and acknowledged Sohar Aluminium’s pursuit for excellent working conditions and pleasant environment.

The dignitaries were taken to the Carbon Plant followed by Reduction Pot line and ended at the Cast House, during which they were familiarized with the entire process of manufacturing aluminium. This also provided the dignitaries with an insight into the excellent level of safety measures provided and respected by the workforce.

 Mr Al Masoudi stated that “Safety of our workforce is at the essence of Sohar Aluminium’s Operations. We believe that our employees are our greatest asset and thus we all strive to ensure the safety and well-being of each and every individual working at Sohar Aluminium”

After the smelter tour, the visitors were taken to the Sohar Aluminium Training Academy, which meets the highest levels of educational and training standards and will provide internationally recognised qualifications in the future. The Academy offers continuous training and development programs at different levels right from short courses to post graduate certification. The Training Academy is currently conducting training programmes to accelerate SA’s Omanisation process in the plant by developing Operators to technician levels.

The dignitaries were also shown the training centre for the project that SA has undertaken jointly with Public Authority for Craft Industries where women from the local community are trained in skills on manufacturing aluminium handicrafts and taught entrepreneurial skills.

The dignitaries were impressed with Sohar Aluminium’s high Omanisation level of 73% in particular its preference to offer employment to locals from North Al Batinah as well as its commitment towards the development of North Al Batinah governorate by procuring local services and goods as much as possible. SA has also committed 60% of its total production towards its downstream industries which will help to create further jobs and facilitate development of the entire region.

Sohar Aluminium is committed to becoming a benchmark smelter worldwide while contributing significantly to the progress of Oman.