Sohar Aluminium signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Sports Affairs and Oman Oil subsidiaries initiating a campaign under the ‘Safety First’ association for the Oman Youth Rally Cup (OYRC) in a glamorous event held at Muscat City Centre on 15 July 2013.

Sohar Aluminium which aims at having a Zero Harm environment at the workplace, have found common grounds with the new approach of “Safety First” for OYRC, extending its safety practices to the community. This project aims to train and educate the Omani Youth on a range of skills for safe driving and other soft skills that include First Aid, CPR, Fire Fighting, proper navigation, training Omani youth to become road safety ambassadors and create awareness in their communities.

During the event Sohar Aluminium distributed to the attendees Driving Safety Equipment Giveaways that include; tire pressure gauges, sunshades and cool looking t-shirts promoting using seatbelts while driving.

According to Mr. Said Al Masoudi, Acting CEO for Sohar Aluminium;  “This initiative comes in line with Sohar Aluminium’s constant concern for our staff safety at the workplace and at home, we aspire to see a ‘0 Harm’ Community and we believe we can make safety a lifestyle of choice because People are what Matter the Most.”

Safety First is Oman’s leading Non-Government Organisation that aims at reducing the number of road accidents and fatalities in Oman. Safety First was represented at the event by Oman’s famous sports personalities Hamed Al Wahaibi and Ali Al Habsi.