Sohar, 25 March 2015 – Joining millions of people from across the Sultanate to celebrate the safe return of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said to Oman, more than a thousand Sohar Aluminium (SA) employees and contractors took part in a series of jubilant activities to express their deep love and appreciation for the country’s visionary leader. The joyful day began at the company’s headquarters in Sohar, which was adorned with red, green and white and vibrated with national songs coupled with traditional Omani folklore performances by the Liwa based ‘Liwa Band’.

The employees were then invited to a gathering at the company's Training and Development Centre where the CEO gave a welcome note followed by the Omani National Anthem. The crowd were filled then with pride as they listened to poem recited by Omani poet Sheikh Saeed Al Zuhliy welcoming His Majesty home. The SA family then enjoyed the Omani traditional Shuwa and Halwa to share this momentous occasion together.



“Today, we celebrate a visionary leader that has transformed our country into a safe, stable, economically powerful and thriving nation,” said Said Al Masoudi, CEO of SA. “45 years ago, His Majesty promised his people a happier future and asked us all to play a part in achieving this duty. Since inception, Sohar Aluminium has been instrumental in following his Majesty’s directives through sustainably contributing to the wellbeing of the communities we serve, the local economy and to the country’s overall prosperity.”



He added, “Words cannot express our happiness and joy for His Majesty’s safe return to our beloved Oman and we wish him continued health as he leads the country from strength to strength.”



As part of the company’s efforts to include and engage the community in its various celebrations, SA have organized a fun filledday for the community on Friday March 27th at Safeer Mall in Sohar. Over 1,000 children and adults joined the SA family to celebrate His Majesty’s return to the glorious nation. This comes as a part of SA’s series of Key Stakeholder Engagement Events which were launched in high footfall locations in 2014. These family oriented events give a personal face to the industry and constitute an excellent platform for sharing the company values and communicating vital messages such as “Keep your Hands & Fingers Safe” and “Anti-littering” with members of the surrounding community.