Sohar Aluminium Company L.L.C (SA) and Majis Industrial Services Company S.A.O.C. (Majis) have recently signed a 5 year agreement to supply 2,500 cubic metres per day of process water from SA’s Power Plant to Majis to be used by industrial companies within the Sohar Port and Free Zone Areas for industrial purposes.
According to the new agreement, SA will refurbish and upgrade its Water Treatment Plant to facilitate the increased flow of process water while Majis Industrial Services shall install, maintain and operate the new pipeline to Sohar Free Zone Area through tie-off connections from SA’s existing process water supply pipelines from the Sohar Port area to its Aluminium Smelter.
SA views this agreement as an extension of their continuing partnership with Majis and is proud to be able to support the development of the infrastructure of the region that will result in expanding the industrial and economical frontiers. It will also help Majis in providing reliable and quality supply of process water to more companies within Sohar Port and Free Zone Areas.
SA has been providing process water up to 1,350 cubic metres per day to Majis since 2008, for distribution to companies and industrial entities within the Sohar Port area. Originally this was done through tankers and subsequently directly to Majis Storage Tanks, through a pipeline installed by Majis in 2010. In addition to that, Majis uses the facilities of Sohar Aluminium’s pipelines to supply the Free Zone with water.

SA was formed in September 2004 to undertake a landmark Greenfield aluminium smelter project in the Sultanate of Oman and is jointly owned by Oman Oil Company, Abu Dhabi National Energy Company PJSC - TAQA and Rio Tinto.
Majis Industrial Services (Majis) was established in 2006 to provide water services to Oman’s growing industrial port and other special economic areas in Sohar. Majis started its operations by providing seawater for cooling purposes to the tenants of Sohar Industrial Port Area (SIPA) and has since grown to become a one-stop water utilities solution provider.